Tips For Choosing the Best Canadian WordPress Web Hosting Service

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Think About CPU Limitations


The first thing you’ll want to look at is the CPU limitations. In a shared hosting environment, you buy a fraction of the computing power of a web server. Shared plans will tell you the maximum amount of CPU you can use, and how many seconds you are allowed to remain at that level. You’ll want the option where both of those numbers are high as you can afford. But be aware, if your website is new, it may not be generating as much traffic. You might choose a lower CPU and decide to upgrade later.

SSH/sFPT Availability For Sensitive Data

Running an active website means you’ll want the ability to upload and change files. For this, it’s essential to use a secure connection. Secure connections are the connections directly between your computer and the server that is housing a file on the web. FTP is not significantly secure, especially if you’re running an online business. To keep your data safe from corruption, attacks, and theft, you’ll need at least SSH or sFTP, which uses encryption for added security.

TLS (SSL) Will Give Visitors Peace Of Mind

tls security

TLS is the encryption technology used to provide encrypted communication between your website visitors browser and your web server. You have likely run into it before now. Most unsecured websites begin with HTTP://. But if you do online banking, shop online, or enter personal information in a site, it is likely you’ve seen https://. This is to signify encryption by either TLS or, if the site is older, SSL. It’s used to hide sensitive personal information, so that you, and your clients or customers if you’re using it on your web page, can feel secure about entering private information online. Most hosting plans charge extra for this, so be aware before you purchase precisely how many pages on your site will be covered.

Do You Need A Dedicated IP?

Most websites on shared WordPress plans will share an IP address. This is not always a good idea. While it likely won’t slow down your site or have a significant impact on your SEO rankings, it may cause problems during times of peak traffic. Your website may stall if you have too many visitors at specific times, which will impact your business tremendously, especially if your customers or clients fear security issues as a result. It may also risk your brand reputation by you placed on the blacklist and spam lists, especially if you have an online newsletter or send frequent emails. However, a dedicated IP is another expense, and you should check with the hosting sites, which have often found workarounds for common problems caused by having a shared IP address, to save yourself money.

What About Account Isolation

Shared WordPress hosting plans often place a large number of sites on the same server to cut costs. There is no real risk of sharing your server, and it is a lot cheaper than a server to yourself. Check to be sure that the shared plan you choose will have the capacity and availability you need, as well as security features you need. You should also be aware, many hosting companies claim to provide some level of account isolation, but refuse to provide detail. You should avoid hosting providers who cannot share how they have implemented customized account isolation on their shared web servers. Some of them are honest; others are looking to boost profits.

ModSecurity and WordFence

ModSecurity is a security plugin which provides your website with a firewall you can customize to prevent a wide variety of attacks and filter incoming HTTP requests. It’s open-source, so continually updating and evolving. It is highly recommended to choose a host that offers both ModSecurity and customization options so that you can customize your ModSecurity rules yourself. You should also look into what other security software options are included, and which you are allowed to run. Particularly choose hosting services that allow for WordFence and ModSecurity plugins.

24/7 Support

web hosting support

Even with the added security, websites are hacked every day. The faster you can react to the hacking, the smaller the impact on both you and your users. Excellent support from your hosts’ support team is essential. Look for service that offers 24/7 support via chat, or even better, on the phone. Make sure they have people who speak your language on call at all times. Nothing is 100 percent glitch-free, so the support available from your hosting service is essential.
Access To Your Backups and Log Files

If a hack occurs, your backups are one of your most essential tools. Restoring your website to its pre-hack state is the easiest way to eliminate malicious code. Having a backup also protects you from human error. Stories of websites being deleted entirely by mistake are not uncommon among web hosting sites. Having access to your backups means mistakes like this are easily fixed. Additionally, server log files are the best way to identify security vulnerabilities and bugs on your site. We recommend a hosting service that automatically backs up your site, and retains backups for at least 30 days. You should also be able to archive log files older than 24 hours for up to 30 days.


Whether you’re running a business or high traffic blog, it’s crucial to ensure visitors to your website are getting the security, and access that they need. It’s equally important that you have all the security, speed, and size that you are looking for. If you are looking for more ideas about the best Canadian WordPress Web Hosting, there are a number of reviews on this page at

We hope this article has given you a good idea the options you have and what you should be looking into when you choose your WordPress hosting site.