Tips For Creating A Sustainable SEO Campaign

google penguin and panda

Search engine optimization has dramatically changed and in 2014 alone, Google panda prompted content chaos for very many websites. Since its update, Google Panda has largely affected the ranking of many websites, and the worst thing is that a website owner cannot do anything to recover their ratings and traffic.

Many SEO specialists have been concerned about the certain changes to come. However, for those who know how to make a sustainable SEO plan, there is no need to worry about any modifications bound to come. SO, how can a website owner create a campaign that is sustainable enough to survive through these drastic changes?

1. Create Quality Content.

sustainable seoGoogle can determine good content, poorly content and also duplicate content. If you want to have a successful SEO campaign, then always post quality content on your site. Google usually rewards sites that offer high-quality content consistently. Such rewards include more traffic, higher revenue and overall success in the business.

Do not be mislead though, keywords still play a major role in ranking, but the way they are used now has changed. In this regard, you need to employ conversational style keyphrases in order to rank higher on Google. For instance, in the past, if an individual wanted to look for the best SEO¬†services in Las Vegas, they would have typed “Las Vegas SEO Company” but today, individuals have started asking questions like, “How do I find the best SEO company in Las Vegas?

2. Create an Engaging Web Presence

Google denied the sentiment that they factor in sites that are frequently visited such as Amazon, Yelp, Wikipedia and many more. However, it has been proven that such factors could have a huge effect on SEO campaign. So, ensure you have your site mentioned and linked to the main players. Also, make sure you use organic tactics to enhance your web presence. The days of selling and buying links for ratings are long gone.

There are many factors for getting high ranking on the search engines, and the above mentioned article mentions just a few to help you create a sustainable SEO campaign.

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