Online SEO tools you need to be using

160352320-620x350To be found online is the dream of every small business out there. That’s because website traffic doesn’t just come without some hard work. Fortunately, certain SEO tools exist on the Internet, and they can help make your job easier. There are tons of both free and paid options. Free SEO tools will still do the magic. But paid ones will also give you the added advantage of enjoying premium features which can provide further insights into the keywords you’re working at.

You should, therefore, check out this list of the most popular SEO tools commonly used by webmasters

Google Trends

With Google accounting for the largest search engine usage, it makes sense to want to know what people mostly search for. Google Trends is your answer because it gives useful insights on how search queries change over time. This can make you a good idea when it comes to choosing a profitable keyword.

A good example is when you have an online hardware store. If you want to ramp up the sales of winter shovel, you just need to head over to Google Trends to see whether people are searching for winter shovels or snow shovels. You will get a clear picture of the search volume for each phrase. You can make a decision then.

Screaming Frog

36441_prodseotoolboxYou might have done your best to optimize your site for the search engines. But then you realize that you don’t know what SEO problems your site may be suffering from. In this case, your job should be made easier by only letting Screaming Frog crawl it to give you a complete report of its SEO status.

With this tool, you will see the broken links, over-sized photos, duplicate links or pages, just to name a few. With this comprehensive SEO audit, you can take the necessary steps to improve your site.

Rank Checker

If you’re curious about checking your ranking, Rank Checker is the go-to place to do this. It will give you insights on where you’re ranking and tips to improve your ranking as well. It might take some time to improve your ranking. Nevertheless, Rank Checker gives you the opportunity to know where you currently stand and how you might improve your position.

Responsive design checker

With mobile responsiveness being the language of Google, there is no better time than this to use this SEO tool. The idea is that your site should automatically adapt to devices and look sharp on every display. You can run your site through this tool if you’re not sure of its mobile responsiveness.


Does your site take forever to load pages? It can increase your bounce rate. Fix it as soon as possible. And the best way to do this is to run your site through GTmetrix to catch the sluggish pages. When you input your domain name into GTmetrix, it will run a test and give you some metrics alongside ways to improve load speed.

These tools are indispensable if you want your site to rank well. When you frequently use them, you can be sure that you’re not committing common SEO mistakes which cost in the long run. This can be a good starting point to chasing profits.

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