3 Steps To Get Started With Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your websites to ensure they rank well in search results is key to driving free, organic traffic to your site, boosting traffic, sales, clicks and boosting income. Learning the basics of SEO, how it pertains to your site, as well as what mistakes to avoid are key to a successful online venture. The following tips are those the experts agree are key to helping your site rank well, making sure it pays for itself and more.

1) Do Your Research Before Hand – Keyword Research

Before starting optimization it’s important that you have a good idea what exactly you should be optimizing for, and which search terms are common enough that they will drive traffic to the site. Optimizing for obscure terms will be a waste of time, because, while you might rank easily, since few people use them it will do little to further your reach. Keyword research tools are available, free of charge in many cases, and are invaluable to helping you decide on keywords and search terms to be used for optimization.

2) Don’t Over Optimize

seo-collageKeyword stuffing and over optimization are some of the most common reasons websites are penalized, dropping in rankings sometimes for good. One of the most common errors is keyword stuffing, including the same phrase over and over in the text, making it sound unnatural and contrived. The result is the site being flagged, and dropping severely, sometimes hundreds of pages at a time.

Another common error is using the same keyword or phrase over and over when building links back to the site. This is also a major flag for Google and other search engines, who prefer natural link building patterns. This usually includes linked text that is neutral, such as ‘click here’ or ‘this link’. Using a wide variety of text is extremely important, using your target keywords a maximum of 40% of the time, alternating versions to avoid penalties.

3)Guest Blogging

As per the mighty Canada West IM Ltd. – Edmonton SEO company, if you build authority sites, guest blogging is a great way to tap into an audience who is already interested in what you have to say. Linking back to your blog can provide valuable backlinks from a high ranking site, helping your site gain Google’s trust, and rank much higher. Swapping blog posts is a great idea, and can help you ensure you are able to build up your online business quickly, and reach a targeted audience.

Search engine optimization is extremely important to ensuring the success of a website, blog or online venture, and is key to helping drive free organic traffic to your site. Keyword research is extremely important, and serves as roadmap, helping you optimize your site properly and with good direction. Of course, over optimization is dangerous, so make sure to use common sense, and write naturally, avoiding keyword stuffing and penalties.

If you are able to guest blog, that is also a great boost to SEO, giving you the ability to build quality backlinks to your site from relevant posts. You can find more about guest blogging at http://ww1.canadawestinternetmarketing.com/