Looking for The Best Web Hosting Service for Your WordPress Site?

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Maybe you have a new business, blog or hobby, and you’ve chosen to go with WordPress for your new online venture. Great! WordPress comes with a wide array of options to suit every need and budget. It’s incredibly customizable and user-friendly. Still, knowing what to choose takes some consideration. The features, practices, and capacity offered with each WordPress hosting option will have an impact on performance, availability, and security of your website. Not to mention the difference in pricing! In this article, we’re going to talk about fully hosted environments, since most WordPress providers offer them. We’ll take you through your significant considerations, to help you make the best decision when choosing your services.

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3 Things Your SEO Consultant Must Be Able To Do

There are so many companies and organizations out there aware that they need SEO but are not sure what it provides or what the benefits are. SEO helps you to cover three essential goals for success; visibility, traffic, and ROI. You need to be able to provide these three factors to your clients and your boss to maintain successful working relationships. These three goals are critical in creating a positive impact on your business growth.

1. Visibility

SEO consultants help your brand to achieve visibility online. When consumers search for a product or service online, those placed at the top of the list are considered “stamped for approval.” Even though this may not always be accurate, consumers interpret higher ranking as brand endorsement. The high ranking comes from increased search exposure to branded keywords. These are the search words or phrases which include the brand name or some variation thereof.

For the most part, these branded keywords will only drive traffic that has heard of your brand, but they are still important. SEO helps you to protect your brand as well as increase its visibility within the targeted niche. At this point, non-branded terms are essential, and you want to make sure that the target terms you use are specific to the core of your service or product.

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Tracking visibility

While it is not necessary to obsess over the rankings, it is essential to track your target keywords. You need to know where you stand as well as which direction you are moving in. These are the reports that your management team will be interested in as well as clients and will help to generate a trusting relationship.

Simply make a list of the branded and non-branded terms you want to track. There are several options for tracking available, some are free, and some will cost you. Even though the free options will have some restrictions, they are still able to provide accurate results for you.

SERP’s Rank Checker is one of the better free options, allowing you to track by geolocation, search engine and device. You need to make sure you keep a record of all the data in a spreadsheet because this tool does not allow you to keep record of your position history. Paid tools allow you more flexibility as well as a way to record position history. Most professional-level SEO tools include rank trackers so you can view your position history and you can access all your data from one location. This makes it more efficient and productive when it comes to reporting visibility.

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2. Website traffic

Just because your website is out there does not mean people will look for it or find it. It is the same as opening a store but not having a road paved to get there. How can you expect to get traffic, if people do not know where you are. SEO helps to deliver targeted and relevant traffic right to your door. SEO strategies are designed to bring new clients to your website; those who would have never even known you existed. Trained and experienced SEO professionals take time to learn your products, services, and overall goals as well as the target audience you are trying to reach.

Many companies fail because they did not adequately tell their customer base what they had to offer. Real success comes from having your on-site and off-site SEO activities aligned to promote their services or products to the desired audience. This is the best way to bring people to you, who might have otherwise never known you existed.

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Tracking traffic

Traffic is important to sales and growth calculations, and many website owners tend to forget this. When you can provide updates on traffic to your managers and clients, t helps them to better understand progress as well as how important SEO is to the successful sales and marketing of the business. Google Analytics and Data Studio are two of the best free tools for monitoring and reporting the success of SEO campaigns. You need to e careful not to overwhelm your managers and clients with too much information. Ideally, you want to present data for no more than seven KPIs because any more than that will get overlooked. The top KPIs to consider reporting are sessions, users, page views, pages per session, bounce rate, and average session duration.

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3. Delivering ROI

Any company or individual looking to invest in marketing will demand ROI (Return on Investment). If they are not able to see or validate any return on their investments, they will walk away. Since each company will have its own goals, it is not always easy to determine ROI and SEO activities need to be in alignment with each of these.

Despite the variety, sales and leads are typically the top two goals for a company. You will need accurate and appropriate tracking to be able to show how your SEO efforts have contributed to sales and leads. Google Analytics is one of the best tools to help you achieve this. Specifically, the ‘goals’ function can measure the impact of your efforts which you can then report using Data Studio.

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SEO is more than just bringing in traffic; it is about delivering targeted traffic that will result in action. As sales continue to rise, managers and investors start to forget how exactly they got to that point, so it is necessary to continue showing results. This way you will continue to receive buy-ins. SEO activities benefit owners as well as organizations.

The more awareness there is of your brand, the more traffic you get, and increased visibility helps to bring the relevant audience right to you which results in more driving conversions. In fact, search is one of the most cost-effective and efficient marketing tactics you can use. So long as you stay focused on increasing visibility, increasing traffic and providing ROI you can prove your worth as well as the worth of your business. It also helps ensure that those who you work with and to understand the importance and relevance of SEO to their success also.

Online SEO tools you need to be using

160352320-620x350To be found online is the dream of every small business out there. That’s because website traffic doesn’t just come without some hard work. Fortunately, certain SEO tools exist on the Internet, and they can help make your job easier. There are tons of both free and paid options. Free SEO tools will still do the magic. But paid ones will also give you the added advantage of enjoying premium features which can provide further insights into the keywords you’re working at.

You should, therefore, check out this list of the most popular SEO tools commonly used by webmasters

Google Trends

With Google accounting for the largest search engine usage, it makes sense to want to know what people mostly search for. Google Trends is your answer because it gives useful insights on how search queries change over time. This can make you a good idea when it comes to choosing a profitable keyword.

A good example is when you have an online hardware store. If you want to ramp up the sales of winter shovel, you just need to head over to Google Trends to see whether people are searching for winter shovels or snow shovels. You will get a clear picture of the search volume for each phrase. You can make a decision then.

Screaming Frog

36441_prodseotoolboxYou might have done your best to optimize your site for the search engines. But then you realize that you don’t know what SEO problems your site may be suffering from. In this case, your job should be made easier by only letting Screaming Frog crawl it to give you a complete report of its SEO status.

With this tool, you will see the broken links, over-sized photos, duplicate links or pages, just to name a few. With this comprehensive SEO audit, you can take the necessary steps to improve your site.

Rank Checker

If you’re curious about checking your ranking, Rank Checker is the go-to place to do this. It will give you insights on where you’re ranking and tips to improve your ranking as well. It might take some time to improve your ranking. Nevertheless, Rank Checker gives you the opportunity to know where you currently stand and how you might improve your position.

Responsive design checker

With mobile responsiveness being the language of Google, there is no better time than this to use this SEO tool. The idea is that your site should automatically adapt to devices and look sharp on every display. You can run your site through this tool if you’re not sure of its mobile responsiveness.


Does your site take forever to load pages? It can increase your bounce rate. Fix it as soon as possible. And the best way to do this is to run your site through GTmetrix to catch the sluggish pages. When you input your domain name into GTmetrix, it will run a test and give you some metrics alongside ways to improve load speed.

These tools are indispensable if you want your site to rank well. When you frequently use them, you can be sure that you’re not committing common SEO mistakes which cost in the long run. This can be a good starting point to chasing profits.

To get more info on what tools you should be using for SEO, please visit http://saskatoonseoconsultants.com/ or if you’re in Edmonton, visit Edmonton SEO Guy.

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The Importance And The Challenges Of White Hat SEO

SEO is a very tricky business. There are methods, tools and techniques approved by search engines, and techniques that can get your website severely penalized, should you be discovered using them. All tools and techniques that are ultimately aimed at cheating search engine algorithms, with the purpose of obtaining good rankings in the SERPS are known as black hat SEO. White hat SEO is its opposite. It is the science that enables websites to build up their relevancy and signal search engines they deserve top positions, as they can make searchers happy.

The biggest challenge of white hat SEO is to acquire high-quality inbound links. Buying them isn’t agreed by Google, so you shouldn’t use private networks or direct purchases. Creating widgets with embedded links is also a practice Google has banned. Guest posting is on the verge of being qualified as black hat. You can use it, but you should be very careful, as any attempt of paying for incoming links can land you a severe penalty.


One of the best white hat SEO techniques you should use is the careful keyword research. If you manage to discover lucrative terms that have a good level of traffic and aren’t too competitive, you have good chances to obtain excellent positions in the SERPs with only a handful of links. If you publish high-quality content, these links shouldn’t be a problem, as they are going to come to you naturally. Bloggers and news websites link to their best information sources, so your primary concern should be to become an authority in your niche or topic. In the case of extremely competitive keywords, this may not be enough to rank well, so you should understand that successful white hat SEO starts with the choice of keywords to rank for.

Infographics can be an excellent method to make your website known and entice other site owners to link to it. If you gather enough data about your market or your industry, you can represent it in an attractive form, so that people feel the urge to share it with their friends. These charts have a high potential of becoming viral, so you should spend some time thinking about such creations. They can bring you an authority boost. The better your authority, the easier it is to rank for your most relevant keywords, using solely white hat techniques and methods.

The biggest challenge of white hat SEO is that it requires a lot of time. You can’t expect fast results, as all your achievements would take a lot of time. You have to work your way to the top slowly but surely, one link at a time, as opposed to black hat, which makes use of tools that can bring thousands of incoming links to a page in as little as a few hours. However, such massive amounts of links acquired very fast would most probably attract a penalty. If you want to build a website to last for a very long time, white hat is your only way.

Tips For Creating A Sustainable SEO Campaign

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Search engine optimization has dramatically changed and in 2014 alone, Google panda prompted content chaos for very many websites. Since its update, Google Panda has largely affected the ranking of many websites, and the worst thing is that a website owner cannot do anything to recover their ratings and traffic.

Many SEO specialists have been concerned about the certain changes to come. However, for those who know how to make a sustainable SEO plan, there is no need to worry about any modifications bound to come. SO, how can a website owner create a campaign that is sustainable enough to survive through these drastic changes?

1. Create Quality Content.

sustainable seoGoogle can determine good content, poorly content and also duplicate content. If you want to have a successful SEO campaign, then always post quality content on your site. Google usually rewards sites that offer high-quality content consistently. Such rewards include more traffic, higher revenue and overall success in the business.

Do not be mislead though, keywords still play a major role in ranking, but the way they are used now has changed. In this regard, you need to employ conversational style keyphrases in order to rank higher on Google. For instance, in the past, if an individual wanted to look for the best SEO services in Las Vegas, they would have typed “Las Vegas SEO Company” but today, individuals have started asking questions like, “How do I find the best SEO company in Las Vegas?

2. Create an Engaging Web Presence

Google denied the sentiment that they factor in sites that are frequently visited such as Amazon, Yelp, Wikipedia and many more. However, it has been proven that such factors could have a huge effect on SEO campaign. So, ensure you have your site mentioned and linked to the main players. Also, make sure you use organic tactics to enhance your web presence. The days of selling and buying links for ratings are long gone.

There are many factors for getting high ranking on the search engines, and the above mentioned article mentions just a few to help you create a sustainable SEO campaign.

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3 Steps To Get Started With Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your websites to ensure they rank well in search results is key to driving free, organic traffic to your site, boosting traffic, sales, clicks and boosting income. Learning the basics of SEO, how it pertains to your site, as well as what mistakes to avoid are key to a successful online venture. The following tips are those the experts agree are key to helping your site rank well, making sure it pays for itself and more.

1) Do Your Research Before Hand – Keyword Research

Before starting optimization it’s important that you have a good idea what exactly you should be optimizing for, and which search terms are common enough that they will drive traffic to the site. Optimizing for obscure terms will be a waste of time, because, while you might rank easily, since few people use them it will do little to further your reach. Keyword research tools are available, free of charge in many cases, and are invaluable to helping you decide on keywords and search terms to be used for optimization. You can find out more about keyword research at www.canadawestinternetmarketing.com

2) Don’t Over Optimize

seo-collageKeyword stuffing and over optimization are some of the most common reasons websites are penalized, dropping in rankings sometimes for good. One of the most common errors is keyword stuffing, including the same phrase over and over in the text, making it sound unnatural and contrived. The result is the site being flagged, and dropping severely, sometimes hundreds of pages at a time.

Another common error is using the same keyword or phrase over and over when building links back to the site. This is also a major flag for Google and other search engines, who prefer natural link building patterns. This usually includes linked text that is neutral, such as ‘click here’ or ‘this link’. Using a wide variety of text is extremely important, using your target keywords a maximum of 40% of the time, alternating versions to avoid penalties.

More information: How to Avoid Over-Optimizing Your Website – Kissmetrics Blog

3)Guest Blogging

As per the mighty Canada West IM Ltd. – Edmonton SEO company, if you build authority sites, guest blogging is a great way to tap into an audience who is already interested in what you have to say. Linking back to your blog can provide valuable backlinks from a high ranking site, helping your site gain Google’s trust, and rank much higher. Swapping blog posts is a great idea, and can help you ensure you are able to build up your online business quickly, and reach a targeted audience.

Search engine optimization is extremely important to ensuring the success of a website, blog or online venture, and is key to helping drive free organic traffic to your site. Keyword research is extremely important, and serves as roadmap, helping you optimize your site properly and with good direction. Of course, over optimization is dangerous, so make sure to use common sense, and write naturally, avoiding keyword stuffing and penalties.

More information: A Beginner’s Guide to Guest Blogs – Lifewire

If you are able to guest blog, that is also a great boost to SEO, giving you the ability to build quality backlinks to your site from relevant posts.

The Right SEO Practices Can Do Wonders to Any Internet Marketing Effort

Search engine optimization or SEO needs specific action being taken that increases the traffic that comes to any website. This helps to increase the possibility of sales. In most cases it requires website content to be developed that has keywords that surfers normally use when searching for information on the web through search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, or others.

Any SEO practice that you follow for a website should be able to:

  • Increase traffic
  • Be cost effective
  • Easy to track
  • Increased usability

The main objective behind any practice that follows search engine optimization is to attract the right customers or viewers to your website. It a known fact, that most people rarely go beyond the first one or two pages of a search result. So, any process that you use to attract traffic has to ensure that you website figures within the first few results on any web search engine. Once you have people visiting your website, it is then your website design that has to entice them to register themselves or give you some information that can be of use to you in any follow up sales effort.

Choosing the Right Keywords

When the right keywords are used, the people who visit your website will be people who are genuinely interested in the product or services that you offer, and any traffic that you get will be one that is well qualified to give you further business. This enables any cost of producing the website and relevant SEO to be cost effective, as it is translating into business or sales.


Many services that offer SEO marketing, will also offer to track your website, the hits that it gets, the enquiries placed or interest shown, and enable you to have an analysis that can make it easier and more focused for any marketing efforts that are subsequent. Google also has analytic tools that are free and easy to use, to give you all the statistics that you need in any form that you require. A proper analysis is very useful if you want to shift or change strategies, so that you concentrate on things that are more effective. You will have a better idea of the keywords that are generally attracting more traffic, and can then change your content or have fresh content written that can take advantage of this information.

Search Engine “Visitor” Optimization (SEVO)

This is a term that was mentioned to us by our friends at Vancouver SEO Company Coronation Internet Marketing. Getting more traffic is great, but converting that traffic into customers is better.

Good SEO practices not only give your website better visibility on search engines, but also allow your site to be more useful to your customers. Constantly referring to feedback from your customers can help a website to change its design so that the needs of customers are taken into account. The ultimate aim of any website design has to be one that is user friendly and allows for easy navigation and all the information that customers or viewers constantly look for.

Fresh Content

While SEO practices are very important for increasing traffic, it is also equally, if not of more importance to see that the content on your website is constantly updated, and never out of date. Content has to be eminently readable, give the right information and retain the interest of the viewers. There must be links always available to more information for people who desire it. Attention must be paid to social media and the huge impact that it has had on marketing efforts. Attention must also be paid to having such information readily available on mobile platforms, as a greater number of people have started using this platform to access the internet. It is also necessary to see that your website is properly protected and has the right online security that allow users to give information that you need, without having to worry of it being compromised in any way.

Check out the video below by Rand Fishkin of Moz as he explains the best SEO strategies for 2015.